Sigg Traveller MyPlanet Journey Aluminum Water Bottle 1 litre Blush


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There is no planet B, but there is the Traveller MyPlanet. The iconic Traveller bottle went down in history; the Traveller MyPlanet is shaping the future. A revival thanks to recycling. 100 percent of the aluminum is recycled and the top is based on renewable materials. Developed and produced in Switzerland and climate-neutral since 2022, the Traveller MyPlanet continues to display its customary strengths, with an interior coating that is resistant to fruit acids, free of chemicals and thoroughly leak-proof. The bottle designs, which emphasize the importance of climate protection with nature-inspired colors and illustrations, also demonstrate the primary role of sustainability. On a background ranging from gentle sage to creamy ecru, earthy motifs meet organic, hand-drawn lines.


When considering sustainability, aesthetics should not be forgotten. It’s tough to choose: down-to-earth matte aluminum, or a lustrous earth color with a touch of metallic instead? Nature-inspired colors and filigree illustrations make a visual statement. Each of the bottles has its own message and all are devoted to climate protection: to flowers blooming forever and the forest never ceasing to be green, to birds flying and water flowing and to we humans assuming responsibility for our planet – in the knowledge that there is no replacement.


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