Ultimate Performance Reflective Ear Warmer Back/Multi-Colour (Adults)


  can also be handy for keeping your earphones in place


Ultimate Performance Reflective Ear Warmer

The Ultimate Performance Reflective Ear Warmer has ultra reflective, multi-colour print for high visibility during the winter months.

Designed to keep you warm and visible at all times, the Ultimate Performance Reflective Ear Warmer is the perfect running partner for the winter months.  a soft, easy-care fabric that offers excellent heat insulation without causing you to overheat so you’ll never feel and uncomfortable heat build-up. The fabrication is also highly breathable meaning it allows cool air to flow throughout the garment to keep you cool when temperatures begin to rise. Moisture management is also key within the earwarmer as they work to wick excess sweat and moisture away from the skin where it can be easily evaporated so you can remain cool, dry and comfortable at all times. Furthermore, the fabric is abrasion resistant to give you peace of mind when running tough routes plus, its anti-pill so the garment will look newer for longer. To ensure you remain visible at all times the earwarmer is covered with an ultra-reflective and multi-colour print which reflects light to ensure you remain visible to others. The reflective nature of the garment keeps you visible to passing vehicles on late-night adventures.

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